Electronic Article Surveillance

Serv Security - EAS

Serv Security offers EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) design, supply and installation capabilities to customers. Our systems range from cost-effective, entry-level options to stylish, designer-led variants to suit prestige retail premises.

EAS systems help prevent retail theft. Although these solutions should discourage shoplifters, it is important to retailers that they do not pose an obstruction to customers and so inhibit sales. Serv Security provides a wide range of EAS options that offer a positive shopping experience and maximum product protection. EAS tags and labels will activate an alert when in the detection zone of an EAS system if they are not deactivated or removed at point-of-sale.

In addition, we supply an extensive selection of components and consumables spanning both AM (Acousto Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency) technologies and covering the entire retail protection spectrum from fast-moving consumer products to high value, one-off designer items:

  • Tags - AM/RF/Alarmed/Bottle/Optical (for spectacles)/Ink-staining anti-tamper
  • Labels - AM/RF/Security overlays for tamper-proof sealing of boxes
  • Safers - Transparent, locked containers for individual items not easily labelled or tagged eg. phones, watches, razors
  • Detachers/Deactivators - for tag removal and label cancelling
  • Accessories - steel-wire tag lanyards/tag pins
EAS products