Frequently Asked Questions

Serv Group - Frequently Asked Questions

Serv Security was formed in 2000 and specialises in the consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and technical support of technology-based Security Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

SERV Capabilities

'What kind of Security, Fire and IT systems do you provide'?

SERV provides the most up-to-date systems available in the security disciplines of CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection/Alarms, along with Fire and IT systems and Electrical Contracting services.

We can provide the total package, or bolt-on to existing systems, ensuring integrity throughout.

Our core skills are design/ integration/ installation and ongoing service support.

We access the systems and component technologies from an array of internationally recognised third-party suppliers.

'Are your systems high-tech'?

Yes. Operating primarily at the 'high security' end of the systems market means the technologies we supply are often at the 'leading edge'. Using networks (currently IP connectivity) for system communications, for example, has been a feature of SERV's capabilities virtually since its foundation in 2000. Similarly, our incorporation of biometric sub-systems (for facial/iris/finger-print/voice recognition) and other pattern recognition software (such as vehicle number plate readers) is routine.

'Do you provide IT/network security'?

Yes, we can assist in the design and installation, in line with the clients needs, requirements and budget.

SERV Operations

'Where do you do business'?

Throughout the UK and Ireland

'Do you operate outside of the UK & Ireland'?

Only when required to service sites of clients who are our contracted customers in the UK and Ireland.

'Which market sectors do you serve'?

Broadly, businesses and other large and medium-sized organisations which have large site and/or multi-site protection needs. Key sectors served include:

  • Commerce and property
  • Criminal justice
  • Government
  • Logistics, warehousing & transportation
  • Retail
  • Seaports and Airports
  • Schools, Universities & colleges
  • Utilities