Purchase Options

Serv Group - Purchase Options

Having Serv Security, Serv Fire, Serv IT and Serv Electrical under one Group can provide considerable savings to your organisation, when undertaking works involving a number of disciplines.

Systems can be purchased outright following installation, alternatively, Serv offer a Lease-Flow facility which allows the end user to budget for the costs of systems over a pre-agreed period of time.


Within Lease-Flow, Serv offers a range of alternative financing options. We can cover all aspects of your system and our accompanying system management and system operation support services within a single agreement. We arrange a tailor-made rental package designed specifically to meet your unique circumstances.

Lease-Flow can often allow you access to higher specification solutions. We do this in a way that incorporates built-in flexibility to upgrade and add to your Security, Fire, IT and Electrical systems at any time. Our total Lease-Flow package is professionally supported and designed to minimise your financial concerns and administrative complexity while maximising your ability to remain future-proofed in respect of security and fire protection and associated needs.

Using Lease-Flow you benefit from:

  • No up-front, lump sum outlay
  • A fixed-price, fully-planned and budgeted payment schedule
  • Tax relief on payments
  • No disruption to your other lines of credit
  • Ongoing flexibility to add to and modify your systems