Serv Group – About Us

Serv Group - About Us

Serv Security was formed in 2000 and specialises in the consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and technical support of technology-based Security Solutions.

Since 2004 Serv has strategically developed its client focus; from supporting smaller commercial and domestic clientele, to growing its capabilities to also encompass support for larger clients with specific needs and requirements.

Our wide range of customers includes: banks, healthcare, education, retail, corporate, industrial and commercial enterprises.

Following the introduction of Serv Fire, Serv IT and Serv Electrical, the Serv Group can now offer a comprehensive Fire, Security, IT and Electrical Services package throughout the UK.

Serv provides "turnkey" solutions to its clients for the provision of Security, Fire, IT and Electrical Services, securing long-term relationships with end users who have warmed to the idea of the solution-driven concepts encompassing all facets of Electronic Security, Fire and IT Systems, as opposed to solely providing standard "off-the-shelf" systems and solutions.